Hello, and welcome to my health blog! I am Ava Bassler and I am officially a nurse as I just graduated from the University of Missouri, Kansas City with my BSN. I loved every bit of my time at UMKC and I really enjoyed my professors and fellow nursing students. The entire experience opened my eyes and helped me learn so much about healthy minds and bodies. I am so excited to help others make a difference in their lives!

The focus of this blog is to educate readers about health, and making healthy decisions. We are the food we eat, the exercises we do, and the vitamins and minerals we take. We are comprised and composed of everything we put into our bodies. I hope to help readers make informed decisions of things like foods, vitamins, and living healthy.Capture.PNGwewew

I believe that a good life is one full of love, cheer, happiness and good health. Without our health, we have nothing really. As anyone who’s ever been sick knows- it’s absolutely miserable if you can’t function and do day-to-day activities. The goal of this blog will focus on PREVENTION! I hope that some of the information presented will prevent people from getting sick in the first place, and I am so excited to learn more and more as time goes on. I firmly believe that learning more about preventative care will help us to live longer, happy lives in the future.

I am very excited to share my passion for all things healthy, and if I can make a difference in the life of just one person, I will consider this blog to be an ultimate success!