Child and sedation dentistry explained

Making sure your child grows up with good, healthy and strong teeth means ensuring they get proper dental care from their very first tooth. Scheduling regular appointments with a pediatric dentist is important in the development and progression of your child’s teeth and can mean the difference between a healthy mouth and teeth, or future dental carries and problems.

How Child Dentistry Differs From Adult Dentistry

Child dentistry differs from adult dentistry in that they cater to the dental care of babies, toddlers and children of all ages. Child dentistry focuses on many areas of your child’s dental care such as cosmetic dental reconstruction as his teeth progress from baby teeth to permanent. Here are some of the most common issues and treatments you can expect from your pediatric dentist:

• First full evaluation of teeth and gums around the age of two
• Takes full medical history to monitor any potential issues that may arise or correlate between the two
• Examines developed teeth for dental carries, misalignment or other possible deformities or problems
• Teaches parents how to properly care for their child’s teeth
• Performs teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments for strengthening your child’s teeth as they grow
• Performs treatments and procedures and attends to chipped teeth from falls or accidents
• Treats cavities and teaches parents proper nutrition for your child to help prevent them
• Advice parents on other tips for excellent pediatric dental care, such as ways to help stop thumb sucking

Pediatric dentists know how frightening a dentist office can be so creating a fun, exciting and enjoyable experience is a priority to keep children calm and trusting while they have their teeth checked. Creating a fun, vibrant office full of toys, games, books and even TVs to watch while they are examined, helps children to feel relaxed and more at ease.

Sedation Dentistry

dental sedation explained to a childChildren are naturally going to feel nervous during dental procedures, dental phobia while many children have a harder time sitting still during long procedures. Even adults will often experience these same feelings in the dental chair. For various reasons, dentists offer different types of sedation to help keep your child calm. It depends on what procedure is being done and what the circumstances are. The two most common forms of dentistry sedation include:

• Nitrous Oxide – Also known as laughing gas is a gas given by placing a mask over the nose and mouth and is inhaled. It gives a delightful, euphoric feeling and completely relaxes you while still being awake and alert and able to follow instruction.

• Oral Sedation – Oral sedation is given by mouth; typically a pill to swallow that will help them feel a bit drowsy and relaxed enough to lose the feeling of anxiety.

• Other less common forms – Nasal sprays, IVs, suppositories

The sooner you begin to teach your child the right habits and care for good oral hygiene, the earlier a routine will be adopted, and these practices will last a lifetime.

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