Changing Your Diet to Improve Your Immune System

salad matters when it comes to diet

When it comes to managing your health, a significant factor to consider is to strengthen your immune system. Keeping your immune system in good health is not just about keeping illnesses away. It’s also about combating existing diseases and other conditions correctly. There are many ways to improve immune system health, and one of the best options is to improve your diet with these immune-boosting choices.


eat fruits to stay healthyA delicious snack option for immune system health is a cup of yoghurt. One cup of yoghurt contains probiotics or healthy bacteria that help combat harmful bacteria in your body and improve the overall health of your immune system. Several common ingredients in yoghurt such as fruits, berries and nuts also have beneficial effects on your immune system such as providing your body with plenty of vitamins and protein.

Green Tea

An excellent beverage option for immune system health is a nice hot cup of green tea. Not only is staying hydrated essential in staying healthy, but green tea also contains the antioxidant polyphenol, which improves your immune system. Just remember to keep milk out of your tea as the proteins within the milk will bind to the antioxidants and cause them to lose their beneficial effects on the immune system.


Filled with vitamin C, antioxidants and beta-carotene, spinach is a great veggie for immune system support. Try to eat it raw as cooking it may destroy much of the nutritional value. Many people find it to be an excellent addition to a salad, but it can also stand on its own as a snack.


Most fish are loaded with selenium, which helps the body produce cytokines, a protein excreted by white blood cells that assist the body fight off viruses such as influenza. Certain fish, such as herring and salmon, also contain omega-3 fats, which reduce inflammation, help lessen the symptoms of bronchitis, colds and flu by opening nasal and throat passages and improves overall respiration.