Remove tobacco from your joints

Before discussing the series of measures envisaged to make the cigarette less harmful, a lot of health experts warn: “smoking cannabis is not good for anyone in fact.”

Even therapeutic cannabis does not find favor in their eyes, but it is another debate that we won’t venture into today. The important thing for a wide range of health experts is to consider a policy of reducing a risk which, in any case, exists. “The goal is to protect lungs,” they say.

To do this, they first recommend smoking grass rather than cannabis resin or hash. The urgency, according to them, is first of all “to make the tobacco disappear from the joints.” “You have many people who stop tobacco and who can be fired on a joint during a festive weekend, for example,” said Doctor Henry Galiano from the Lille public Hospital.

An important relapse factor on smoking. Also, cannabis use is a significant risk factor for respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. “Instead of using tobacco, there is the option of smoking grass as is the case in Holland, which is less harmful than tobacco in cigarettes and avoids nicotine smoking, ” he explains.

Cannabis soon consumed by vaporization?

The second priority is to eliminate smoke from combustion that is particularly toxic to lung cells.

Professor Vernon from the University of Massachusetts evokes the use of vaporization devices, similar to the electronic cigarette, which is very common in the United States. “The precise analysis of vaporization products and techniques in the many US states should provide a better understanding of vaporization devices as well as cannabis products to be vaporized,” he hopes.

The well-framed legalization should make it possible to progress mechanically on the third objective: “to reduce the consumption of cannabis in the US as well as European countries.” Starting from the observation that the more repressive the law, the greater the consumption.

There remains the question of synthetic cannabis sold almost freely on the Internet, and that poses a problem. “There are about 130 kinds, some of which have powerful psychotic effects. As things stand, we can not recommend these products”, warns the pneumologist.

But it does not exclude that some will appear in the future as products of risk reduction by a vaporization. For this herald of risk reduction policy, also involved in the promotion of electronic cigarettes, the main thing is to reduce the toxicity of addictions because they can not eliminate them. For a wide range of portable vaporizers, make sure you visit this page

Four drug store dupes of high-end products every woman should own

The high end makes up products nowadays are all the range. From offering better pigmentation, to even longer lasting wear, the high end makes up has become more desirable to make up enthusiasts than its ever been before. However, such makeup can come up at a hefty price, with lipsticks being sold as high as £1,000. But fear not, below are four drug store dupes to some of the most popular high-end makeup products on the market:

1- W7 – In ‘Colour Me Bluff’ Palette

Price- £9.95
By far the cheapest dupe to the Urban Decay Naked palette, the W7 ‘Colour Me Bluff’ palette comes in 12 shades, which help to achieve a natural look. The palette is highly pigmented and comes in tin packaging, which bears similarity to the Naked palette.

2- Stargazer – ‘Deep blue shimmer’ lipstick
Price- £3.49

a waterproof pink eyelinerIf you can’t afford the Manic Panic After Blue lipstick, then you’ll love the Stargazer dupe! Although a lot less dark than the original, the dark blue shimmer lipstick is gentle on the lips and can still help you in pulling off an alternative look. Stargazer, like Manic Panic, is also cruelty-free and vegan.

3- Nyx – ‘Studio Perfect Primer in Green.’
Price- £10.00

With the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer in Green, you can achieve the same smooth foundation base that the Smash box ‘Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer’ does, only for half the price. The primer helps to reduce redness and is also successful in making your makeup look last for longer.

4- Elf – ‘waterproof eyeliner in Black.’
Price- £3.00

One of the most lesser known dupes to the Bobbi Brown Ink Liner, Elf’s waterproof eyeliner in Black, is just as dark and has a far narrower tip, making it far easier to create a cat eye. The eyeliner is also durable and cruelty-free.

Recognition of Traditional Thai Massage and It’s Benefits

Notwithstanding its popularity, massage thai sur tours is not massaged as it’s far recognised in the West. Sessions are executed on a floor mat in at ease, unfastened garb, and no oils or lotions are used. In the course of the massages there is constant body contact between the practitioner and customer, but as opposed to rubbing on muscle tissues, the body is slowly and firmly moved and compressed to relieve anxiety and to remove electricity blockages. The practitioner makes use of thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees, forearms, feet, and toes to create a dance of actions on the body of his consumer. In this manner, blockages are freed, inner organs are toned, and strength is balanced.

Originated from the Siam Region

Traditional massage in historical Siam became done in village society and also in the royal court docket. While masseurs in the royal courts had been best allowed to use their arms, villagers also used toes, elbows, knees, and forearms to control the bodies of their recipients. In Thailand today, most massage practitioners utilise more than one body parts to gain the desired impact. The Southern style, with its renowned mastering middle at Wat Pho in Bangkok, is characterised by point stress alongside the power traces and a deep “plucking” or “flicking” with the thumbs and hands so as to stimulate power to go with the flow. In Northern-fashion Thai massage, practised in and around Chiang Mai, the therapist uses slow pressure on the electricity traces, mild rocking movements, and deep stretching postures.

choose the massage therapy that suits youBased on its resemblance with yoga, and the calming, restorative impact it brings approximately, the Northern style is often favoured by way of Westerners, and it’s far this style that has been playing expanded reputation around the world in latest years. Traditional Thai massage makes use of no oils or lotions. The recipient stays clothed all through treatment. There’s steady body contact among the giver and receiver, however as opposed to rubbing on muscle mass, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

The recipient of the massage wears unfastened, secure garb and lies on a mat or company bed on the ground. In Thailand, the massage is often given to a group of a dozen or so topics receiving massage simultaneously within the same large room. The real historical style of the massage calls for that the massage is achieved solo with simply the giver and receiver. The receiver may be placed in a diffusion of yoga-like positions at some point of the route of the massage; that is also blended with deep static and rhythmic pressures.

The massage follows distinct lines (“sen”) within the frame. The legs and toes of the giver may be used to place the body or limbs of the recipient. In different positions, fingers restore the structure, while the feet do the massaging. A full Thai massage session normally lasts hours or greater and includes rhythmic urgent and stretching of the complete frame. This can consist of pulling hands, feet, ears, cracking knuckles, strolling on the recipient’s lower back, and shifting the recipient’s frame into many exclusive positions. There are a lot of techniques involved with the treatment, so the doctor must identify the perfect one for multiple patients. Read more on this Google Plus page.