Four drug store dupes of high-end products every woman should own

The high end makes up products nowadays are all the range. From offering better pigmentation, to even longer lasting wear, the high end makes up has become more desirable to make up enthusiasts than its ever been before. However, such makeup can come up at a hefty price, with lipsticks being sold as high as £1,000. But fear not, below are four drug store dupes to some of the most popular high-end makeup products on the market:

1- W7 – In ‘Colour Me Bluff’ Palette

Price- £9.95
By far the cheapest dupe to the Urban Decay Naked palette, the W7 ‘Colour Me Bluff’ palette comes in 12 shades, which help to achieve a natural look. The palette is highly pigmented and comes in tin packaging, which bears similarity to the Naked palette.

2- Stargazer – ‘Deep blue shimmer’ lipstick
Price- £3.49

a waterproof pink eyelinerIf you can’t afford the Manic Panic After Blue lipstick, then you’ll love the Stargazer dupe! Although a lot less dark than the original, the dark blue shimmer lipstick is gentle on the lips and can still help you in pulling off an alternative look. Stargazer, like Manic Panic, is also cruelty-free and vegan.

3- Nyx – ‘Studio Perfect Primer in Green.’
Price- £10.00

With the Nyx Studio Perfect Primer in Green, you can achieve the same smooth foundation base that the Smash box ‘Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer’ does, only for half the price. The primer helps to reduce redness and is also successful in making your makeup look last for longer.

4- Elf – ‘waterproof eyeliner in Black.’
Price- £3.00

One of the most lesser known dupes to the Bobbi Brown Ink Liner, Elf’s waterproof eyeliner in Black, is just as dark and has a far narrower tip, making it far easier to create a cat eye. The eyeliner is also durable and cruelty-free.